Precision Medicine 101

Hello and welcome to our first educational webcast from the OSCO Precision Medicine Advisory Board.  I’m Mary Jo Richards, OSCO Executive Director.
The mission of the OSCO Precision Medicine Advisory Board (PMAB) is to serve as an expert resource for the Oklahoma oncology community in order to assist healthcare providers with education, guidance, and access to genomic molecular information in order to reach a consensus on practical definitions of clinical utility and to outline the information needed to form treatment strategies that target the molecular underpinnings of the specific disease in each patient.
Members of the OSCO PMAB are:
  • Adam Asch MD
  • William Dooley MD
  • Joe Lynch MD
  • Kar-Ming Fung MD Phd
  • Lane Hooton
  • Nadim Nimeh MD
  • Shubham Pant MD
  • Ray Zhang MD
We welcome Foundation Medicine, OSCO’s founding sponsor of our PMAB, which is sponsoring our presentation today.

Jerry Conway, Vice President of Payer Relations and Reimbursement of FMI will be leading our educational overview and we thank him for his contribution and support of the OSCO PMAB and its mission.


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