One-Stop Patient Assistance Is Here–Take A Test Drive!

AssistPoint is your free site for one-stop cancer Patient Assistance. 


Right now, assistPoint is being tested and improved.  But, due to the tremendous demand for a single point of contact for all cancer programs, it is open right now.  Here’s an outline of what you can do RIGHT NOW and what you will be able to do in the future:

    • Search by generic, brand name, manufacturer, or ICD-9 for the enrollment forms you need (at the top of the home page)
    • Get Enrollment Form PDFs for 113 cancer drugs (see BROWSE drugs at the top of the home page)
    • Get NDC numbers for all of those drugs
    • Find the HCPCS J-code for each drug
    • Get Coding and Billing Guidelines for many drugs
    • Learn more about the drugs you give
    • Get enrollment forms for every drug you use
    • “Auto-fill” enrollment forms through an interface with your Revenue Cycle Management, Practice Management, or EMR systems
    • Complete several forms at once by answering just a few questions
    • Have several options for electronic signature
    • Have ‘live’ links to the disease-specific Foundations right on the drug page
    • Track your registrations and forms for all programs on the site
    • Allow patients to finish registration and signatures right on the patient site
    • And, whatever you tell us you need!
So, here’s the deal—while assistPoint is in “test drive” mode, there is no need to log-in, register, or do anything special except leave feed-back! To see the enrollment forms, CLICK ON “BROWSE DRUG LIST or use the SEARCH FUNCTION. 

After that, simply e-mail Bobbi Buell with any suggestions you may have.

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